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Rubber Removal

Does not polish the pavement No loss of asphalt binder
No harm to joint sealant No damage to groove edges No widening of existing cracks Offer precision rubber waste recapture with no run off
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Airport and Aviation AVI-88® Rubber Removal Environmentally Friendly Chemical


Runway Friction. Concentrated rubber removal detergent.


The Rubber Build-Up Problem

Rubber build-up on airport runways is recognized by the FAA as a major safety hazard. This surface build-up is a frequent factor in aircraft overrun and run-off incidents.

The build-up of rubber, jet exhaust, hydraulic oil and dirt reduces the frictional qualities of the landing surface, particularly when wet. Lack of surface friction is the major factor affecting the braking of aircraft on a wet runway and is within the control of the Airport Operator.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have recognized the potential danger associated with poor runway surface conditions. FAA Advisory requires runway cleaning at certain measurable rubber build up levels. FAA Inspectors are mandated to close runways and deny certification of airports when runway friction measurements are below recognized safe minimums.


AVI-88®Rubber Removal Environmentally Friendly Chemical
The goal of our team has been to discover a non-destructive, economical and effective method of cleaning airport runways. After years of development and field testing at major international airports, a unique new system for rubber removal was perfected. The basic building block of life, we have developed a non-destructive process to safely remove the rubber build up from both concrete and asphalt runways. In a matter of minutes, AVI-88® Rubber Removal solublizes the contaminants, suspends the rubber particulate and carries it to the runway edge during rinsing without any surface erosion.

AVI-88® Rubber Removal, the Safe Landing Solution was formulated with safety, ease of use, and environmental concerns in mind.




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