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Rubber Removal

Does not polish the pavement No loss of asphalt binder
No harm to joint sealant No damage to groove edges No widening of existing cracks Offer precision rubber waste recapture with no run off
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Biodegradeable and environmentally friendly chemicals Learn more »
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Unicen Industries finishes the job quickly and efficiently. Under normal rubber build up condition, we can clean up to 100,000 sq. ft. per nightly operation.


Standard Rubber Removal

Standard Rubber Removal

We perform standard rubber removal using AVI-88®® solution. First, the solution is applied to the surface. Second, the surface is scrubbed. Lastly, the debris are rinsed off of the runway. The exact procedure will adjust according to local airport conditions.





Rubber Removal with Complete Waste Re-Capture

For airports requiring the recapture of liquid rubber waste, this procedure effectively does the job. This process does not involve flushing but utilizes a powerful rubber waste recapturing system. It is Unicen Industries patented equipment, the only type of precise, no-waste run-off waste recapture system with a proper final disposal.

This cleaning process offers the perfect solution for airports that want to prevent runway damage from other cleaning methods as well as abide to local environmental requirements.

Rubber Removal with Complete Waste Re-Capture


Friction Testing

Friction testing service is offered using the Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment, GRIP TESTER, to determine the Mu value before and after rubber removal per FAA's spec requirements of 40 mph and 60 mph. The service is yielded with computerized printout report.


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