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Rubber Removal

Does not polish the pavement No loss of asphalt binder
No harm to joint sealant No damage to groove edges No widening of existing cracks Offer precision rubber waste recapture with no run off
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Biodegradeable and environmentally friendly chemicals Learn more »
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Pavement Maintenance Environmentally Friendly Chemicals


In addition to selling AVI-88® for runway rubber removal, Unicen Industries sells other (safe) chemicals for pavement maintenance.

CD-2K Oil & Grease Removal

CD-2K is a liquid product that thoroughly removes accumulated oil/grease from concrete. This product achieves a 3-dimensional concrete oil/grease cleaning by bringing up the oil/grease from within the concrete. See illustration below.

CD-2K Oil & Grease Removal



Before and After CD-2K Cleaning

Before and After CD-2K Cleaning


CD-2K is biodegradable and environmentally safe. Applicable areas include airport (plane parking area), parking garages, industrial concrete floor, manufacturing facility, and driveways







DERUB-200 De-rubberizer Machine

SP-101 Concrete Modifier

SP-101 is a proprietary blended white powder concrete modifier. This product is added to concrete mix to yield exceptionally strong bonding abilities.

SP-101 also provides permanent cement based repairs and the mortar mix can be used as a re-surfacer in concrete, masonry, wood, metal, and other surfaces normally considered not sufficiently "bondable." Following the proper application procedure, SP-101 modified concrete can do thin coating, trowelling, and deep patch for repairing many different types of problems. Non-airport applications include roads, parking lots, bridges, and buildings.


SP-101 Concrete Modifier



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