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Rubber Removal

Does not polish the pavement No loss of asphalt binder
No harm to joint sealant No damage to groove edges No widening of existing cracks Offer precision rubber waste recapture with no run off
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Biodegradeable and environmentally friendly chemicals Learn more »
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Runway Rubber Removal Products


Unicen Industries sells AVI-88® environmentally friendly chemical product and equipment used for rubber removal services.

AVI-88® Rubber Removal Chemical

AVI-88® Rubber Removal Environmentally Friendly Chemical


AVI-88® is a biodegradable and environmentally safe water base product that removes rubber deposit from PCC and AC runway surfaces. This product causes no harm to marking paint, lighting installation, joint sealant, & electrical system, and complies with FAA’s Advisory Circular 150/5320-12C.

Cold region airport equipped with large snow broom and deicer trucks may do in-house rubber removal using our AVI-88® solution without damage to the airport equipment.

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Unicen Industries will gladly provide consultation on cleaning procedures. If an airport uses 2 large snow brooms, 1 deicer truck, 1 water truck under normal rubber deposit conditions, rubber removal can be achieved at a speed of 20,000 sq.ft. per hour.


DERUB-200 De-rubberizer Machine

DERUB-200 De-rubberizer Machine


DERUB-200 is the second generation of the Unicen Industries patented scrubbing machines that are easy to transport and simple to maintain. It is specifically developed to perform runway rubber removal along using AVI-88®.






CST-100 Solution Applicator System

CST-100 Solution Applicator System


The CST-100 is a solution spraying trailer system that can be conveniently towed on the runway or on regular street during mobilization. This system consists of a spraying system and solution tank for daily runway rubber removal operations.






RRVS-99 Rubber Waste Recapture System

RRVS-99 Rubber Waste Recapture System


The RRVS-99 is another Unicen Industries patented equipment. This system performs precise rubber waste recovery following the AVI-88® rubber removal process. There is no flushing and no waste run-off to the runway edge.

This equipment perfectly suits airports that strive to meet local environmental requirements along with non-damaging runway rubber removal.



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